Thursday, February 02, 2017

Trump's First Effect on Central America

One less noticed effect of Donald Trump's Executive Order on immigration is on Central American children. In 2014 President Obama announced a new program to vet Central American children who had a parent or close adult relative in the United States. About 11,000 have applied and 2,000 have already resettled. Now they're blocked.

Here's what Obama said a few months prior, standing with three Central American presidents:

Now, I emphasized to all three Presidents that the American people, and my administration, have great compassion for these children and want to make sure that they are cared for the way all children should be cared for.  And we’ve seen an outpouring of generosity from not only families at the borders themselves that are providing assistance -- you have nonprofit organizations and churches that are providing assistance -- but actually from across the country people have expressed their concern and compassion for these children.

As Mike Allison notes, Trump has not said anything about Latin America. I don't expect it now, and I don't expect Trump to know or care about Central American children. That's just where we are now. I do know that this makes us less compassionate and definitely no safer.


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